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CV Review

Put your best foot forward

Often the only time we update our CVs is when we are looking for a new job. But we rarely overhaul our CV in order to sell ourselves. This is our first opportunity to show what we have got to offer and if our CV doesn't do that successfully, it is likely the company we are applying to are missing out on a great candidate and you may miss out on a great opportunity.

Once you send through your CV, it will be reviewed, looking at format, content, structure, and editing and tips will be offered in order to format it so that it sets you up for success and puts your CV to the top of the pile when applying for jobs.


Career Advice

Understand your next step

A zoom call conversation, we spend an hour discussing your current career situation, your long term career goals, what you are looking for in your next role, and tips to help direct your actions to land your dream job.

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Negotiating pay

Get the pay you deserve

The gender pay gap is a worldwide problem. Whilst the drivers are complex and multi-layered, there is one contributing factor guaranteed to prevent the gender pay gap from closing.

Join us on a one-hour Zoom call as we discuss practical techniques to build your confidence to be able to successfully negotiate your pay, and not feel guilty about it.

Stephanie has 5 years' experience specialising in Remuneration, and is a strong advocate for equal pay and equal rights in employment. She is an expert in gender pay reporting and the complexities of the gender pay gap.

Informative Interview

Interview Skills

Nail those interviews

Interviews are not always easy. They can be nerve-racking, awkward and downright terrifying. Often we walk away feeling as though we did not put our best foot forward.

On a Zoom call over an hour with us, we talk through your current interview techniques, discuss techniques to help you come across as confident, knowledgeable and the best candidate for the job, and run through examples of questions likely to be asked in a structured interview.

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Unconscious Bias Workshop

One hour interactive workshop discussing unconscious bias

Ever wondered why you think the way you do? Or why you feel as though the inequality people talk about in the world aren't apparent to you? Do you want to increase your awareness of your own biases? If so, this is the workshop for you. 
Join us in this interactive session where we uncover our individual biases, what causes them and positive steps we can take to do something about them.

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Achieve your career goals

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